Welcome to My Blog

Welcome to My Blog

 I will post comments and happenings that involve my books and Ngäbe events plus other pertinent materials. See NGÄBE SOCIAL TIDBITS on my website. Check out my books on Amazon.com, CHALINA LA CERDITA CUENTA HASTA DIEZ EN NGABERE , BELLA & CHANTEY MAMA WANTS A BLUE MUSHROOM, BELLA & CHANTEY COLORING AND ACTIVITY BOOK-RAINFOREST ANIMALS, A COLORING BOOK ABOUT THE NGÄBE PEOPLE, and BEYOND THE YELLOW DOOR.I have just published NITE NITE, PUPPIES, a toddler book for 1-3 year olds in September, 2023.

New book published

June 4, 2022|Children's Books|Comments Off on New book published

Bella & Chantey new book published. A new book published- Bella & Chantey is published on Amazon in paperback and ebook.Check it out, and it is also on Kindle Unlimited. I would appreciate [Read More]

Update on new book

March 5, 2022|Children's Books|Comments Off on Update on new book

  Walking in Ngabe rainforest   Update on new book. My new bilingual book Bella & Chantey, Mama wants a Blue Mushroom, is progressing. Furthermore, all my illustrations are completed now. We finished [Read More]


January 16, 2022|NGÄBE-BUGLÉ|Comments Off on BEGINNING A NEW YEAR

BEGINNING A NEW YEAR Beginning a new year, a new Rainbow Hola! January 2022, the beginning of a new year. Rainbows are prevalent in January in Boquete, along with the winds. Boquete is [Read More]

Book at The Garden Restaurant

December 18, 2021|NGÄBE-BUGLÉ|Comments Off on Book at The Garden Restaurant

Book at The Garden Restaurant. My book CHALINA LA CERDITA CUENTA HASTA DIEZ EN NGÄBERE is available at The Garden Restaurant and Country Store in Alto Boquete. My thanks to the owners for letting me [Read More]

SCBWI BookSpot- My Blog

October 24, 2021|Children's Books|Comments Off on SCBWI BookSpot- My Blog

SCBWI BookSpot- My Blog Attention book lovers, SCBWI BOOKSPOT https://www.scbwi.org/is from October 18th -November 30th, 2021.Children's books are their main purpose for their site.SCBWI BookSpot-My Blog is highlighting BookSpot this week.Check my site in My [Read More]


October 14, 2021|Children's Books|Comments Off on FESTIVAL de LIBROS

  FESTIVAL  de LIBROS has a mini-book fair this year instead of a virtual fair. The new Federal Mall in David, Panama is the location. The dates are October 15,16,17th from 11 am-7 pm. I [Read More]

ENCORE! The Ngäbe Among Us

September 1, 2021|NGÄBE-BUGLÉ|Comments Off on ENCORE! The Ngäbe Among Us

There is a program presentation at the Boquete library on September 23rd,2021, about the history, culture, and future of the Ngäbe. Unfortunately, we were not able to attend this presentation or the initial one because [Read More]