Title page BYDoor

   Title page for update on my new book-preview


I will have my new book completed soon. Currently, I have the Spanish translation to get back, but the illustrator has finished with my illustrations. Even though I am still editing, it seems something always gets by. My illustrator is amazing. He is easy to work with, always ensuring the graphics pass my inspection. Showing emotions with people and animals is his specialty .On my Author’s page under books, I have a list of my books you can peruse.


My update on my new book is about a little British Guyana girl who is very curious. She wants to know about the noises beyond the yellow door. Although she is frightened by the noises , she knows she must overcome them.

There is so much work in writing a children’s book. So much revising and editing until you think you can’t possibly look at the manuscript again. Another thing I always check with native people if I am writing a book about another culture. Far be it from me to say or do something offensive. I would be so upset with myself.

I checked with the Ngäbe people I work with, and I checked with the British Guyana people I know also. I need to be as accurate as possible when dealing with other cultures.

More Books

I will probably write one more book this spring, a toddler book. Grandmothers have said they need that age group. The books I have at the market are primarily for older children, so I want to write one for the little ones. Maybe it will turn into a series. Who knows?

Then, I will return to working on the Ngäbe/ Spanish alphabet concept book to follow Chalina’s concept book of counting to ten in Ngäbe. Hopefully, it will be ready by fall. That particular project will keep me busy all summer.