Author presentation

Author presentation at the Boquete Library Fair June 23rd,2022, of Bella & Chantey

Upcoming author’s page.

I will be adding an upcoming Author’s Page in place of one of my website pages. Since I now have two books under my belt, I decided to make one. Hopefully, it will be this week sometime.

I am trying to decide what email program to use and what features I want on the page. I am busy taking writing classes and trying to learn about marketing a book. WOW! there is so much to learn about writing a book. Not only how to write a book with all that entails with rewriting, editing, etc, but what to do after you write a book. An upcoming author’s page is necessary now, I believe.

I am so thankful that I have someone who knows the ropes and helps me out. Pat Alvarado has her own Piggy Press operation, plus another one where she helps her husband who was a pilot. He has written some books also. I will be changing my Childrens Chatter first page to convert to an author’s page.

She has written about 40-50 books herself. Her Piggy Press is the only bilingual one, I think , in Panama. There are other presses, but I’m not sure bilingual like hers.

Of course, bilingual books are a lot of work trying to get the meaning the same in both languages or close to it. Mucho editing and translating editing also.

I have a bookstand at the BCP on Tuesdays(the Market) and I sell her books and my two. I meet a lot of interesting people that I interact with and who buy the books. One of the most interesting things is I also get to meet people whom have helped Pat to write one of her books. Also, I have met someone who a book was written in honor of his singing ability and she changed it into a children’s story.

In addition, I enjoy speaking with the other artists and vendors in the area. We support each other which is a great feeling.