Nite Nite, Puppies

                                          Nite Nite, Puppies

Toddler Book available

My new toddler book is now on The title is Nite Nite, Puppies. It is a bilingual goodnight story for 1-3 year olds. Please take a look at my previous blog about my book.

The book is written for little ones to recognize the different breeds of puppies worldwide. The parent or caretaker can also enjoy learning about ten species or breeds of dogs. The illustrations were drawn by Yassie Duque and are adorable. The book is available on


Additionally, I have included two pages in the back of the book with the photos of the puppies and their breeds.

As they grow, the toddler needs to learn and be educated about the types of puppies. The book could help years beyond the toddler when the child is old enough to remember the different names of the breeds of puppies.


Yassie Duque drew the illustrations of the puppies, and they are adorable. They are getting ready to go to sleep. As the pages go further towards the back of the book, the toddler also says goodnight to the family.

The illustrations are colorful, and the puppies are in different poses and actions, signifying sleep time.

Different formats

I would like to publish an e-book and a hardback for Nite Nite, Puppies. I know some parents like hardcovers better since the children can be rough on softcovers. This will be my first hardcover attempt, so I hope the process goes well without too much frustration!

As writers know, it rarely goes smoothly without some kind of mixup or glitch in uploading or trying to fix mistakes.

Invariably, after scanning over and editing the story and set up for the hundredth time, we miss a period or some little innocuous thing. And, that’s eeven with others reading the manuscript or pdf also!