Spanish Heritage Month

Spanish Heritage Month
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Please remember Spanish Heritage month. Look up Spanish children’s books on Amazon. Or, read some from your favorite library. The Spanish people have much to offer the world. For instance, the paintings I have seen by native indigenous or by local Panamanians are beautiful. Using the bright, bold colors of red, blue, and green, the artists portray the fantastic images of Quetzels. They even beautify mundane scenes like sombreros. In addition, the local artists create pottery containers for flower vases. They use bold colors- a particular Spanish way of Panamanian designs and styles.


Similarly, I have taken craft classes where many projects are favored to Panamanian design. Moreover, I was amazed at how the women utilized many tile styles for the projects. However, the instructor was also creative in acrylic paintings. Some of the most intriguing, creative drawings achieved by the Latin American students in the class fascinated me.  Also, they made use of basic methods of creating their canvas bases for their pictures. Many students didn’t have extra money to afford expensive canvases for paintings. I enjoyed such a creative environment.


I appreciated how friendly the women were towards me. We laughed over words many times since I couldn’t speak Spanish. Also, many of them couldn’t speak English. Above all, the camaraderie was great. We enjoyed each other’s company.


The craft atmosphere encouraged creativity. The teacher was very lenient in letting students express their tastes and ideas. The variety of projects the teacher or profersora brought each week was amazing. She had so many ideas, and she had taught for many years. That fact alone astounded me.

Amazon has many Spanish books for children.