A Ngäbe Nagua Fashion Show!

The ladies from the Comarca  sponsored a women’s Ngäbe Nagua Fashion Show this year 2024 to have a look how the women’s native dress, the nagua, has evolved over the years. The Ngäbe ladies have been busy the last two years. I have photos from other endeavors that they have initiated.


The abuse program was a significant program they began in 2023, with thousands of Ngäbe women participating. The leaders of the group followed up with giving to a hospital in David . They took infant diapers and necessary items for the Ngäbe children during the protests. I have a social update page for the Ngäbes Social Tidbits.


Consequently, the women of the Ngäbe Comarca are coming together and uniting  in a force of good for the Comarca. Ngäbe Nagua Fashion Show is part of socialing for the women.

Cleft of the Rock Ministries are pleased to be supportive of their efforts. The women are genuinely interested in having educational opportunities available for the people and aiding in the nutritional aspect of helping the Ngäbes have better nutrition for their families.

PROEDUCANN organization

Moeover, the board for ProEducann, a newly formed Ngäbe organization, has a nutritionist on it. ProEducann has also worked with Dr. Dan Daves and his dehydrated vegetables program and are educating the Ngäbe people on the benefits of the program. Additionally, check out Ngäbe-Buglè Nation on my site regarding further information regarding the board and other Ngäbe projects.

Selling jewelry for the group

         Selling jewelry at Ngäbe Fashion Nagua  show

3 ages of naguas

The yellow dress used to be worn in 90’s. The middle nagua is from 80’s and the light blue is from the 70’s. These women modeled for the Ngäbe Nagua Show.

                   Ngäbe necklace                                       



Different patterns for naguas

Current patterns at Ngäbe Nagua                        Fashion Show