New coloring book Rainforest Animals

New coloring book Rainforest Animals


New coloring book Rainforest Animals is to be published in about two weeks approximately.

Rainforest Animals has eight coloring pictures from my  first picture book Bella & Chantey Mama Wants a Blue Mushroom.

This image is a preliminary without the text on it yet. Since Bella & Chantey took place in the rainforest on the Ngäbe Comarca, I wanted to make a coloring book to accompany it. I choose Rainforest Animals besides Bella’s coloring pages. Moreover, there are also activity sheets  included. See Author Page on my blog also.

New Coloring Book

Gratefully, Cesar Melendez illustrated the cover for me. I am so pleased to have him help me. It works wonders when the author and illustrator think alike.

Coloring Book editing

It is amazing the amount of editing  for this book. Back and forth and back and forth. Pat is such a helpful editor. I appreciate her so much. She catches things I have a blind eye towards. The same reason why authors need beta readers  and critiques- to let authors know where there could be a problem. After revising a script several times, it is easy to have a blind spot.

Book Table at BCP Boquete

I have a book table at the BCP weekly Market on Tuesdays. Interacting with the people and especially the children brings a wealth of information. I enjoy asking the children what they like and what favorite animals they love. The answers give me ideas concerning new projects and books. Thus, the idea for a coloring book. I also will be giving a small box of crayons free with purchase. I listen to the adults who are looking for books to give to their children or grandchildren. And, of course the people who look for books to send back to their grands in the states. Being bilingual also interests the buyers. They like the idea of two languages in the same book. As a matter of fact, adults buy the bilingual books to learn Spanish. We are getting great reviews from the people who buy Bella & Chantey for their children. We are so grateful.