coloring book rainforest animals



My coloring book is now published on Amazon. Bella & Chantey coloring and activity book , Rainforest Animals, contains eight coloring pages from my picture book Bella & Chantey Mama Wants a Blue Mushroom. Some baby rainforest animals and mature animals  pages are behind the picture book pages. The second section in the book is activity pages. The book is bilingual, English and Spanish. Check out my books on Author Page.


I never realized the difficulty of creating a coloring and activity book. Initially, I had to find coloring pages that were public domain only. I searched and researched on that area alone. Then, making sure the pages fit particular formats, sizes and resolutions! Then, making sure the image on the page centered correctly. Additionally, I created some of my activity pages which took time.


My ISBN and Barcode  encompassed the next area requiring patience. I normally solicit both of them through the National Panamanian Library. It is a procedure which can be accomplished online. I didn’t hear back, so after two weeks , I inquired. It turns out that they want  all coloring pages to have about two sentences to describe the drawing.  Consequently, back to the drawing board! That little project some time because I not only had to put it in English, but since it is a bilingual book, I had to translate it  into Spanish.


When I thought I had it all together and ready to go- uploading it to Amazon became a problem. Simple procedure, but some glitch occurred with loading my cover. Getting ready to give up and call it quits! Retried several times but the same thing kept happening. I chatted with Amazon, I called Amazon, and finally, the editor I work with on Piggy Press, gave me a simple solution which worked. Then we had some minor adjustments in the manuscript to fit their format, one or two simple twerks only. I was so glad to finally get it published!