“If I waited for perfection, I would never write a word”

Margaret  Atwood

    My second children’s picture book is Beyond the YELLOW DOOR, published April 30th, 2023.It involves a British Guyana girl who is curious and wants desperately to find out what’s behind the yellow door in a farmhouse that is not lived in at the moment. It is available on Amazon and Ingram Spark.

My second coloring/activity book, A COLORING BOOK ABOUT THE NGÄBE PEOPLE, 2023, is now available on Amazon.com.

See my blog post for Jan. 30th to see how I became frustrated with creating coloring books !

          October 5th,2022- My first coloring and activity book is now available on Amazon.com.

BELLA & CHANTEY COLORING AND ACTIVITY BOOK -RAINFOREST ANIMALS with eight coloring pages from my picture book, Mama wants a Blue Mushroom is now published. Some cute coloring pages of baby Rainforest animals kids will enjoy coloring. There are  activities included also after the coloring pages

 My first review of a bought purchase on Amazon from BELLA & CHANTEY Mama Wants a Blue Mushroom, my first published children’s picture book.2022.

Reviewed in the United States on June 5, 2022
Verified Purchase
This book was ordered as a gift for my grandchildren but I found the search for the rare blue mushroom to be a charming and fun read. And the illustrations are vivid and bursting with color.
Bela, her mama and the macaw come alive with personality in the illustrations and the double page spread of Bella crossing the suspension bridge blindfolded is exciting and stunning to behold. A perfect mating of author Jane E. Ruth and illustrator César Meléndez. Also including are some beautiful photographs of mushrooms by Meléndez and interesting facts about them.
This is a great book for children. Highly recommended.

      2021 Published works: Against All Hope- July 22nd- Short Fiction Break- short story.

      2021 Children’s Counting Bilingual Book-August 30th- CHALINA LA CERDITA CUENTA HASTA DIEZ EN NGÄBERE-


Jane E. Ruth, children’s author

After retiring from a forty-eight-year nursing career, I live in Boquete, Panama. MY STORY now is that I am a children’s writer or author. I take writing classes online. Therefore, I am in the process, and my motto is “Have no fear of perfection-you’ll never reach it,” Salvador Dali.

Another quote I like is, “To write something, you have to risk making a fool of yourself” Anne Rice  GSC. However, my motto does not mean that I don’t strive for excellence.


Meanwhile, my husband and I have Cleft of the Rock Ministries and work mainly with the Ngäbe-Buglé people. We support three feeding programs with afterschool programs at present. A feeding program only in the Oma community is another endeavor we help to provide.

Chorcha completion

The children’s feeding shelter in Chorcha is completed. In the future, we are going to make a greenhouse next to the shelter. We are involved with that project with Proeducann. Proeducann is a new Ngäbe organization whose founders are excited about helping their people. Furthermore, we have started a  program to aid the orphaned children in Chorcha. Check out my Ngäbe Social Tidbits page for continued updates on happenings of the Ngäbe Nation.

** We have water!  Check Ngäbe Social Tidbits page for photos.

In February the well had been dug and this past week in March, we were there to see the first blast of water coming through the pipe. The laying of water pipes, and digging the trenches for them, took some time. The Ngäbes were excited! God is good.


As you can see, the Ngäbe people are close to my heart, and we want to encourage them to be all they can be. Education is so important. We helped one Ngäbe to attend Oteima University, and he graduated in the fall of 2020. At present 2022, we are helping another Ngäbe to attend Oteima. He helps to pay, his choice. The lad is a hard worker, dependable and responsible. I love to see good things happen for people in this world. He makes good grades also.


Besides these happenings in my life, I have three vegetable gardens, one blackberry garden, and ten flower gardens. A butterfly garden is in the making.

We have two beautiful grandchildren (prejudiced)—one great son,(second prejudice) who gets to travel the world with his job and loves it!, and a superb daughter-in-law (third prejudice) who is a lawyer.  Oh, and a French bulldog, Griffin, who is their third child.

As my son says, Griffins only saving grace is that he is so cute.  We are most blessed!

Moreover, I like art, watercolor, some oils, pastels, and crafts. Reading is a pastime and a must-do for writing. Knitting, crocheting, and sewing are sometimes hobbies, but I mostly like to cook, bake and eat.

I entered my book last year to SCBWI for one of their specialties. Such fun! so I decided to enter again for 2022 and hopefully for 2023.

Presentation Boquete Library

Presentation Boquete Library 2022

Bella & Chantey
coloring book rainforest animals


In conclusion, to MY STORY, I am working on a chapter book about Ngäbe children on the comarca and some Ngäbe picture books. On August 30, 2021,  my concept book was published. Chalina la cerdita cuenta hasta diez en ngäbere. It is a  Spanish and Ngabe, bilingual book ,with beautiful illustrations. I just published another bilingual book, English/Spanish, about Bella and Chantey- Chalina’s sister who is hunting for a blue mushroom for her mamacita’s birthday 2022. In addition, a Bella & Chantey Coloring Book was also published Oct.2022. My A Coloring Book about the Ngäbe People was published in Jan. 2023.I am currently working on Beyond the Yellow Door, a story about a curious British Guyana little girl who wants to know what the noises are beyond the yellow door, even though they frighten her.

WRITING MORE BOOKS Furthermore, writing some more books for the Ngäbe children about the Comarca is a continuing dream. I also am writing hopefully, a series of books for 1-3 year old’s. Grandmothers who stopped by my bookstand at the Market want some books for that age group, so I am working on them.


 CBI Badge

CBI Badge

Additionally, the groups I belong to are SCBWI,   Children’s Book Insider, ALLI, and ibpa. I also belong to some writing groups on the internet.  

IPBA proud member