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More books  begins with a good night book for 1-3 year-old toddlers. The parent or guardian is reading to the toddler and getting him ready for bed. There are 10 illustrations of puppy breeds in the book. I have mentioned my new book on my blog.In the back matter of the book, I included two pages of the photos of the puppies and their breed names.


Nite Nite, Puppies is available on Paperback and e-book.

Reviewed by Philip VanHeusen for Readers’ Favorite


puppyJane E. Ruth has given us another sweet children’s picture book in Nite Nite, Puppies: Buenas Noches, Cachorros. This is a wonderful book introducing children from 1-3 to the wide variety of breeds of dogs. Jane highlights ten breeds, with illustrations of each, as a child tells each breed good night. This book is sure to become a classic among children’s bedtime stories. The ten different breeds are Jack Russell Terrier, Golden Retriever, Boxer, Shih Tzu, Poodle, Dalmatian, Irish Water Spaniel, Labrador, Wire Fox Terrier, and Samoyed. I   believe these are some of the best breeds for children to have. Showing children that dogs come in many varieties also prepares the child to learn that there are many differences between humans and that all should be accepted with unconditional love. I highly recommend this book as a fun learning experience for all small children.

Can learning be fun? Yes, especially if you use Jane E. Ruth’s book Nite Nite, Puppies to teach your children how dogs are different and the same. Another neat thing about this book is she wrote it in both English and Spanish. This also helps children understand that people may speak different languages, but they are still humans. It is good to teach your child to accept differences as well as to recognize sameness. Just like Jack Russells and Golden Retrievers are different, people have differences in skin color, skills, and abilities. We need to accept all and realize we are more alike than different. The illustrations are great, and Jane writes in very simple language that youngsters can understand. Enjoy reading this book to and with your young child.