Mission Moments-A Morning at Global Providers

Matthew 25:34-40  Taking care of those in need.

Gathering to process food

                                     Gathering to process food

MISSION MOMENTS features A Morning at Global Foods.

On Thursday, March 30th, Dr. Daniel Daves, proprietor of Global Food Providers, provided a greenhouse full of plants to harvest. We picked Dinosaur Kale, washed and rinsed it, and then shredded it onto pallets. We were fortunate to have three people from Volcan plus women from the Hillside Baptist Church to assist us. Many hands make short work. For more information on the analysis of dehydrated food, check out Dr. Dan on my page Ngäbe-Buglé Nation.


After much fellowship and learning to know each other (and getting wet from the water from the washed Kale), we finished the rack that would enter the dehydrator. It will be ready to take out the next day. Then, Dr. Dan will pulverize the dry Kale and separate it into bags or jars. Dr. Dan will distribute dehydrated super food to those in need. Ngäbe people are recipients of the superfood, but others in the community also like the extra nutrition super food supplies for health.


Dr. Dan also explained how his farm functions. He has chickens he is raising to help with our food supply. A program exists where we have provided chickens on the Comarca for the Ngäbes. The Ngäbe people at Chorcha would like some more chickens!

With the food supply in jeopardy, Dr. Dan is trying to discover what natural foods can be utilized. Moringa trees are another valuable resource and can be dehydrated and mixed with superfoods.


MISSION MOMENTS always enjoy Dr. Dan talking about his rabbits and how bunnies provide fertilizer for his plants. He has a process where the waste materials from rabbits are dried, and then “tea” is made from the material and given to the plants. Self-made fertilizer. Obviously, he takes good care of his bunnies. And his plants show it!

Many thanks to the people who came to help on Thursday. Dr. Dan appreciates it.


Dr. Dan has a book Global Food Revolution-

Helping Humanity Through the 21st Century Global Food Crisis.

Find Dr. Dan at www.globalfoodproviders.com

Hillside Baptist
Hillside Baptist women
Dinosaur Kale

Dinosaur Kale

Picking Kale

Picking Kale

Picking Kale

Picking Kale

Meeting new people

Meet and greet – new friends

Busy morning at Global Foods

Busy workers

Cutting stems

Cutting stems-no waste here!

Packing pallets

Packing trays

“Feed the hungry, and help those in trouble. Then your light will shine out from the darkness, and the darkness around you will be as bright as noon.”
Isaiah 58:10