“The more you read, the more things you know.

The more that you learn, the more places you will go.”

Dr. Seuss

*Fun Activities for children- Coloring pages

To enjoy some fun activities- here are a few coloring pages. Some pages are from my new book Bella & Chantey Mama wants a Blue Mushroom. By the way, did you know that coloring is such a pleasure for many children? Equally important, the children on the Ngäbe Comarca love to color.

 I am adding some coloring pages from my newest coloring books about Ngäbes. Check out my coloring book  on Amazon.com. A Coloring Book about the Ngäbe People.

Christmas 2021 Chorcha CFP

Fun Coloring activity pages-Do It Yourself

In addition to others coloring pages, did you know you can make coloring pages from your own pictures at home?  There is a company called Mimi Panda and you can download your own photos. They will make a coloring page of the picture. Be sure you have an adult help you with it. Ask Mom or Grandma, or Aunt Lynne to help you check it out. https://mimi-panda.com. It is lots of fun DIYing a coloring page. Indeed, Fun activities can stimulate our brains to learn more.

Click on the image and print! Words and urls  can show up on the top and bottom of the coloring pages. When you click to print, at the bottom of the options is a settings option. Under margins, click minimum or none and the words disappear. Then actually print the page, and the words will not show up.

Mamacita's birthday
Answer to Ngäbe riddle
Ngäbe children dancing
Yihana climbing tree
Ngäbe Baby Carrier
Irish Water Spaniel
Mandala 1
finger shadows
mandala 2
water fun
Draw a bunny

Images by  janeruthwriter.com coloring pages Bella & Chantey, Mama wants a Blue Mushroom, A Coloring Book about Ngäbes, Beyond the YELLOW DOOR, and mandalas by Supercoloring.com.

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