FESTIVAL  de LIBROS has a mini-book fair this year instead of a virtual fair. The new Federal Mall in David, Panama is the location. The dates are October 15,16,17th from 11 am-7 pm. I believe it is on the top floor.

I am invited to speak about and promote my new book CHALINA LA CERDITA CUENTA HASTA DIEZ EN NGÄBERE- in Spanish. The title is MÜTÜCHI KÄ CHALINA TÄ JODRON TÄ JODRON TÄENE NEMEN KRÄJÄTÄ in Ngäbe/Ngäbere.My presentation title is Why I Wrote a Bilingual Book for Ngäbe children.


I can’t speak much Spanish, and almost no Ngäbe. Claudia Berejano, who translated for me from Spanish to Ngabe, is attempting to teach me. But alas, I have been so busy, it is challenging to keep up. I will have to start again. There are different, almost guttural sounds with some of the words. I think they are fun to pronounce. Check out the girls attending University. Ngäbe Social Tidbits.

Moreover, Armando  Dixon will be translating for me. He is also a teacher with a Master’s degree. In addition, Armando has translated for our ministry when we are on the Comarca several times. He has also translated for special events on the Comarca. One instance was the Nutritional Seminar we held in the Oma district at Pastor Manuel Andrades’ church. He had to translate for two speakers

Looking Forward to Festival de Libros

I am looking forward to the event at the Federal Mall in David. Saturday the 16th, from 11 am- 12 noon. Actually,  speaking publicly will be a little new for me. I am not a public speaker. I will do my best. The coordinator of the program has been so gracious to talk with and discuss the event. The group is from Panama City, I believe.