Beyond the yellow door

        Beyond the Yellow Door


Beyond the YELLOW DOOR

The photo above shows the three girls the book is dedicated to, with their Mom excitedly looking at it.

My new book, Beyond the YELLOW DOOR, published on April 30th, 2023. It’s been a long wait. Months of having it out to editors for feedback, getting Spanish translation done, and of course, illustrations completed. Besides, I have the best illustrators and translators. They are the best. Check out other books of mine on the Author’s page.

Beautiful illustrations for Beyond the YELLOW DOOR

My illustrator usually comes through with vivid, action-filled images for my story. It is great to have an illustrator with their own ideas who gives the author so much leeway.

The process of having the illustrations ok’d takes time but is worth it. We end up with both our ideas for the story, which gives the story life.

Additionally, we always ask each other, do you think the kids will like this? Plus, we also include the adults because they are reading to the children most of the time.

Translator input

It’s always interesting translating English into Spanish. I have a Spanish translator who speaks English. She must pass some words through me to get the correct concept because it could be said differently in Spanish. We have had instances where the words were wrong in interpretation.

It’s the same in Ngäbe translation, and there are no words, just concepts that the translator must employ.

So many people to thank!

So many people involved in a new book being published! It takes input for different aspects of the book. But what a joy to see the book come alive! After my illustrator finishes essential preliminaries and adds emotions and colors, he says, “it’s coming alive” and is so excited.

Furthermore, I enjoy hearing my illustrator and translator both say, “I love your story. I want one when it’s published.” Of course, depending on the contract, they always get a free copy for their work. My book is available on Amazon and Ingram Spark-