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Author’s Page Picture Book


Mama Wants a Blue Mushroom

Bella’s Mamacita Sofia wants a blue mushroom as a treat for her birthday. But, blue mushrooms are hard to find. How will Bella find one? Her friend Chantey, the macaw, helps her. But, they have to travel to dangerous places on the Comarca to get to the Mushroom Forest. Consequently, will Bella be able to find a blue mushroom in time for Mamacita Sofia’s birthday?

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Child and Bella & Chantey book

Child and Bella & Chantey book. Grandma(Abuela) said he wanted it read four times in a row! “Read again, Grandma”


Charming story, great illustrations

Reviewed in the United States on June 5, 2022.

Colorful, Fun and Educational

Reviewed in the United States on May 26, 2022


Author’s page Concept Book children’s Spanish and Ngäbe counting book to ten . Vanessa Crooks from Panama City,who works at Smithsonian Institute, has some beautiful illustrations in it. Furthermore, she did a fabulous job! My thanks to the two Ngäbe translators also, Claudia Bejerano and Alexander Palacios.  Check it out on Amazon . In addition, I explain on my home page some history for the book Jane’s Writing& Mission Adventures



Author’s first concept book

Chalina four
Chalina ponies

coloring book rainforest animals

Author’s first coloring and activity book.

coloring book rainforest

Author’s Page Bella & Chantey coloring and activity book is now available on

Bilingual English/Spanish coloring and activity pages
with Bella & Chantey. Color along with them as they
enjoy meeting Rainforest Animals. Eight coloring pages from Mama Wants a Blue Mushroom picture book.


Great Children’s Book.

Reviewed in the United States on October 14, 2022

“This book is very age appropriate. It is for my 6 year old grandson.”
Ngabe Coloring Book

                      Newest coloring book 2023


I am Jo Ann Gardner, the President and Founder of FOCE. FOCE is a 501(c)(3) organization whose
primary mission is to assist the children of Ngäbe farm workers. These children come from
impoverished homes which means coloring books are considered a luxury item.
FOCE was in the midst of purchasing supplies for a Ngäbe after school program that we support, when I
was introduced to “A Coloring Book About The Ngäbe People”. The cover caught my eye right away. It
shows a Ngäbe girl and boy trying to catch books that are seemingly falling from the sky. They both were
wearing traditional Ngäbe clothing. The pages that followed were an enlightening depiction of Ngäbe life on the Comaraca.

The illustrations were simplistic enough for a young would be artist, yet with
enough detail to keep older children engaged.

A coloring book portraying Ngabe life on the Comarca in Panama

Ngäbe children enjoy coloring and using bright colors.
This coloring book shows a small insight into life on
the Ngäbe-Buglé Comarca in Panamá, Central America.
Enjoy the coloring pages of how Ngäbes travel, what
clothes they wear, the foods they eat, and how they love
to dance. And get a glimpse of their language on some
activity pages.

Young Ngäbe reading

Young Ngäbe reading

Every page had information on it that was neither sugar
coated or overly dramatic but was presented in such a way that would be interesting to both the child
and the parent. Considering all of the forementioned positives, the icing on the cake for me was that it
is written in 3 languages, English, Spanish, and Ngäbere. Ngäbere is the language spoken by the Ngäbe
but is sadly becoming a dying language.
I highly recommend “A Coloring Book About The Ngäbe People” and so do the instructors who are now
using it in their after school programs.

Gold Mom's Choice Award
 Gold Mom's Choice Award

Gold Mom’s Choice Award

Readers Favorite

Beyond the YELLOW DOOR

Reviewed by Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers’ Favorite

Beyond the Yellow Door by Jane E. Ruth is a bilingual kids’ adventure story. Yihana has come to stay with her aunt and uncle. A city girl from British Guyana, she is intrigued by their farm in the country. She adores spending time with the animals and has the time of her life. When her cousin tells her a story of spooky noises behind a yellow door in an abandoned farmhouse, Yihanna’s curiosity is aroused, and she wants to investigate, but she’s scared. When she finally overcomes her fear, she opens the door, and what a surprise she gets!

Beyond the Yellow Door by Jane E. Ruth is a wonderful kids’ book with some amazing illustrations that bring the story to life before your eyes. It’s written in English and Spanish and contains some useful and interesting facts about British Guyana. It is a fun story and educational, as it teaches kids about gardening, the importance of biodiversity, and the role of butterflies and ladybugs in the garden. The author clearly has a great deal of talent, and I love that it is written in two languages, widening its audience and making it more inclusive. The story also teaches kids to face their fears and not give up when everything seems against them. This book should be part of school curricula worldwide, an educational yet fun story that kids will find easy to read and learn from.

Beyond the YELLOW DOOR , April 30th, 2023, involves a young British Guyana girl who visits her aunt and uncle in the country. Yihana has never been to the countryside before and is curious about everything. Nicknamed “Miss Curiosity,” Yihanna lives up to her name. She explores the farm her relatives own and loves to listen to stories.

Scary times

Yihana’s favorite story is about the empty farmhouse next door. She is intrigued that her cousin heard creepy noises when she went to open a yellow door in the kitchen. Consequently, her cousin ran away due to the noises, but Yihana wondered what could be beyond the Yellow Door.

Overcomes fear

Eventually, Yihana’s curiosity overcomes her, and she sneaks over to the empty farmhouse. She encounters spooky noises as her cousin did and is scared. Yihana attempts to discover what is really behind the door but is thwarted three times before she determines to ignore the noises. When she eventually opens the door, a huge surprise awaits her.

Yellow Door

Little girl who bought Beyond the Yellow Door book, her Mom graciously let us take the picture.


My Spanish translator’s little girl enjoying Mom’s books! Beyond the YELLOW DOOR

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Came from witnessing a spider spin an egg sac in his barn in Maine.

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