Ngäbe children and nutrition.

I am interested in the development and education of the Ngäbe children. And, one of the factors in dealing with education is that the children are malnourished. They have difficulty focusing and retaining information. Some of them can hardly stay awake, according to one Ngäbe teacher. Moreover, Pastor Manuel Andrades stated his feeding program is the only meal for some children. Being undernourished also physically affects their development.

Nutritional seminar.
Several pastors attended the informational seminar on Nutrition, January 13th,2021, on the Comarca. Three teachers were also present. We had eighteen Ngäbes in attendance.
Dr. Daniel Daves introduced super greens to them and described the importance of supplementing their diets. We gave the attendees a sample of spinach, kale, mustard greens, and Moringa powder dehydrated in cooked rice with a packet of Maggi. They thought the rice was rather tasty and smiled when we asked if they wanted seconds. By the way, I ate a cup of rice, and it was delicious.

Supplements distributed.

We supplied some of the Ngäbes on the Comarca with powdered superfoods baggies and encouraged them to grow spinach prior to scheduling the seminar. After the meeting, we sent the pastors and people home with Moringa tree plants, packets of superfoods, spinach seeds, and many vegetables courtesy of Dr. Dan.

Word of mouth.
The three teachers present were excited and interested in the nutritional information. We accompanied them to Chorcha the same week. As a result of the seminar, they presented the information to their people and explained the superfood benefits. They planted Moringa trees also.

The Future.
Accordingly, the future is a challenge on the Comarca, but many Ngäbes are interested in supplementing their diets. They want their children to be healthy. The attendees listened intently as one of the teachers explained how poor nutrition affected their children in school.

Personal input.
I want to converse with people who are also involved with missions and Ngäbes. Furthermore, I am also interested in discussing how older people become writers later in life and their experiences.